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Sick Visit/Urgent care

Massage Therapy

Services we provide

1. Injury

- Minor injuries : laceration, Burn, Sprain, wound care

- 상처소독 및 봉합, 화상치료, 염좌치료.


2. Minor illness

- Viral respiratory disease, Strep throat, Flu, Allergy, Ear pain and cleaning, Pink eye, skin rash (poison ivy, eczema, insect bite, acne, etc.), Migraine, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Urinary tract infection(UTI), 

- 감기 및 플루, 포도상구균 인후염, 중이염, 눈질환, 피부발진, 편두통, 복부 통증, 역류성 식도염, 요로감염 검사 및 치료, 알레르기 혈액검사 및 치료

3. Referral to other specialty services 

- If patient has some illness beyond family medicine or surgical specialty, will refer to other specialty based on patient's preference. 

- 환자분의 증상 및 이에 대한 치료를 위해 다른 진료과를 원하시는 경우, 원하시는 진료과로 의뢰를 도와드립니다. 

4. Minor procedures

- Removal of warts (사마귀 제거술)

- Biopsy of skin lesion (피부병변 제거 및 조직검사)

- Steroid injection of joints (어깨, 무릎 관절 주사)

- Trigger finger injection (방아쇠 무지 주사치료)

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome injection (손목터널증후군 주사치료)

- Tennis elbow injection (테니스 엘보우 주사치료)

- Lipoma and sebaceous cyst removal (종양제거수술)

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