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Cash payment membership program

Membership Program for no insured or high deductible insured patients
보험이 없으신 분들 혹은 High deductible plan 보험을 가진 경우, one-time cash payment 혹은 membership 가입을 통해서도 진료 및 수술이 가능합니다. 전화 248) 905-3981 혹은 으로 문의주시기 바랍니다.  

Fee schedule for membership
- Single : $60/month
- Couple: $100/month
- Family of 3: $130/month
- Add $30 for each family member over 3 members

What includes?
- Unlimited access to office visits for minor illness
- Free Annual wellness check-up

* Extra cost will be charged for labs and procedures 

Once you enroll and set up the plan, the payment will be withdrawn automatically every month unless you want to stop.

If you don't want to enroll the membership program, you can still use our services at one- time payment with reasonable price.

If you are interested in enrolling the program, please call us at 248-905-3981 or email at


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