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Doctor and Patient

Dr. Wonho Gil is a board certified family physician in the US as well as a breast surgeon (surgical oncologist) with over 15 years of experience in South Korea. He completed the Henry Ford family medicine residency program and achieved the American Board certification of Family Medicine in 2021.

Dr. Gil was a Professor of Breast and Thyroid department at the Samsung Medical Center in South Korea. During his years at SMC he performed over 1,000 cases of breast surgery including breast cancer surgery and benign breast mass removal, and also performed countless cases of breast ultrasound and core needle biopsy including Mammotome excision.

As a renowned breast surgeon and medical researcher who has published his findings in over 50 research papers to high-ranking SCI journals, Dr. Gil's name was published in the Marquis "Who's who in the world" of 2016.

He constantly educates himself on the latest medical findings and cutting-edge surgical skills.  

Wonho Gil MD, PhD

American Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Korea Board Certified General Surgeon

Korea Board Certified Breast Surgeon

Active regular member of American Society of Breast Surgeons

Completed Henry Ford Hospital Family Medicine Residency 

Completed Samsung Medical Center Surgery Residency

미국 가정의학과 전문의

미국 헨리포드병원 가정의학과 수료

​미국 유방외과 학회 정회원

​성균관대학교 의과대학교 의학박사

삼성서울병원 외과 수료

삼성서울병원 유방/갑상선외과 펠로우쉽 수료

대한 유방외과 세부전문의

대한 갑상선내분비외과 세부전문의

삼성서울병원 유방/갑상선외과 부교수 역임

삼성서울병원 젊은유방암센터 센터장 역임

한국유방암학회 윤리위원회 간사 역임

대한외과학회 초음파/술기 교육 위원 역임

대한외과학회 편집위원 역임

대한 유방외과 연구회 학술이사 역임

대한 갑상선내분비외과학회 개원의 이사 역임

Affiliated with Beaumont Hospital and Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

What make the Central Family Clinic special?

Experienced doctor with current and advanced knowledge
Provides IV therapy and Ultrasound testing
Operation Room
Equipped office-based surgical room
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