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IV Infusion


Energy and Refresh

IV therapy is a powerful tool in combating the common cold, fatigue, dehydration, and hangovers. Within 30-45 minutes, IV vitamin infusions can cleanse your body free of toxins and improve your ability to recover faster, feel healthier, and look younger.

Whether you need to recover after a workout, get rid of a hangover, promote weight loss, or give yourself an energy boost, our specialty IV infusions are designed to address a variety of issues. Our highly experienced registered nurses can help you choose the right IV infusion for you or help you build a custom bag. 

- Vit C & B


- Hydration

- 면역기능 강화

- 피로회복 및 영양 수액 

​- 숙취해소 수액 

- 피부 미백주사

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